Fit For Purpose

There's this concept in design - and I'm speaking specifically from my background and current career in Software Development and Agile Coaching - called "Fit for Purpose" which literally means, "Good enough for the task assigned" or some such, but the implication is that you find the simplest solution that fulfills the need, you implement it, and then stop to reassess the problem space.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

You don't gold plate the solution, because that's wasteful, and you don't NOT solve the problem or fulfill the need because you have integrity and follow through - and in all things, you do it to the best of your ability and the highest quality.

"Why is this relevant," you may ask. Well, as I was considering my theme for the year, so many ideas ran through my head - I should make THIS commitment, or THAT commitment - but none of them sat right.

One of the things that I wrote as I was mind mapping was "Fit for Stage" because I want to be in better mental, vocal, and physical shape as an actor (my other career) - as an aside, it turns out that there are both a "Fit for the Stage" (for muicians) and "Built for the Stage" (for actors) programs out there, check them out - but that set me off on a path that lead me to write "Fit for Purpose."

I have so many things that I'm working on.  I'm a father, a coach and consultant, an actor, singer and improviser, an artistic director, and other, smaller things, and I have never really asked "Am I Fit?" for any of these purposes.

So that brought me to me theme for the year.  "Fit for Purpose".  This year I will make choices and impovements that help me to be better fit for the tasks at hand - Healthier, Stronger, Calmer, More Thankful, More Attentive, More Certified, More Qualified - all the things that will make me more fit for MY purpose.

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