On Software, Agile Reading

If you want to support your agile activities with deep thinking and process guidance, I suggest you start at the top and work your way down this list.

I added the third category because good agile practices and software craftsmanship go hand in hand. Please read the craftsmanship books as soon as you can if you are writing code or supporting / managing those that do.

Finally, I am Microsoft leaning in my career, if you aren't, you can skip the TFS/Visual Studio centric titles.

Scrum and Agile

First Read this: Scrum Guide: Seriously, it all starts here.

Software in 30 days
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server - Adopting Agile Software Practices
Professional Scrum Development with Visual Studio
Agile Project Management with Scrum
Agile Estimating and Planning
Agile Retrospectives, Making Good Teams Great
Agile coaching

Theory and Practice

Agile Software Development, The Cooperative Game
The Agile Samurai, How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software
Continuous Delivery
Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile Development
Scaling Lean and Agile Development
Practices of an Agile Developer
Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise

Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code
Clean Coder
The Art of Unit testing
The Pragmatic Programmer
Working Effectively With Legacy Code
Agile Principles, Practices and Patterns in C#

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