• What I'm Watching: The Corn is Green

    I sat and watched "The Corn is Green" on National Theatre At Home last night, and it was just spectacular. The use of different languages, the pacing, the choral music. All amazing.

  • Peter and The Starcatcher, or, My Adventures in Mermaid Drag

    Two weeks done. With work, travel, training and the show I've had very little time to sit down and consolidate my thoughts on Peter and the Starcatcher, and it is so beuatiful that it deserves my time.

    I've been joking with folks that my role in Peter and the Starcatcher can best be described as a dish from a Top Chef elimination challenge called "Drag Three Ways".  From Bumbrake, to Teacher, to a vaudvallian, tap dancing Mermaid; I wear wigs, bras and a corset - all to serve …

  • The Power of Yes, AND!

    I've been writing code for a long time.

    My first "20 goto 10" lines of code were some time in grade school on a TRS-80.  I dabbled in C/C++ and Pascal in middle school and high school but didn't really set about any real, structured code until I got myself to college.

    I've been doing Improv for a long time.

    I experienced my first Spolin game in the winter of my freshman year of college.   Before then my only other experience with the theatre was a production of Peter Pan in …

  • Ten Thousand Hours of Improv

    Ten thousand hours.  In the book "Outliers: The story of Success", [http://amzn.to/1ammukY] Malcom Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours to gain mastery in a thing.  When I look at my life there are only a couple of things to which I have given that much attention, and improvisational theatre is one of them.  There are 8766-ish hours in a year, but you have to sleep, which puts you approximately in the 6500 range.  I haven't been doing it exclusively (I've worked full …