Back again to try again under the context of Guided Coaching and Accountability. 

I joined the 20x in 2020 leadership coaching group with Coach Divine and am currently working through all of the onboarding prep.  Part of it is identifying your strengths and weaknesses and planning to train for crucible events in those areas.  Part of my primary weakness is following through.  I have great plans but lack the perseverance to carry the load over the finish line for success.  I'm hoping that finding a like minded group to help with accountability and motivation will help shore up some of that while I work through the mental aspects of changing my thinking.

I'm also overweight and not even trying to be healthier, which is absolutely effecting my mental state.

The struggle is real.  If you see me, either IRL or online, ask me how its going.  Don't take excuses if I try, hold me accountable.

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