• Protein

    I try to live by the "Eat Whole, un Processed Foods" Mantra, but 8oz of Stok Cold Unsweetened Cold Brew Coffee, + 1 Scoop of Paleo Pro Mayan Mocha, and a dash of coconut milk topped with Water is probably the most delicious protein drink I have ever had.

  • Don't Get an 'F' in Food

    A question about living on a budget or with limited access to a functioning kitchen has come up recently, specifically from someone living in a college dorm situation. The student was really feeling like he was without any options, especially since he had a meal plan and was at the mercy of the cafeteria and their 'food'. As someone who lives on the road and out of hotel rooms, I think I have a good idea of what it means to be at the mercy of someone else's menu when it comes to the food that …