Day 4 - Commitment

Warm Up

    5 rds of Box Breathing, Range of motion (ROM) drills
  • 10 High Knee/ 10 Butt Kickers
  • 15 Plank to Down Dog to Up Dog
  • 25 4-ct Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Lunges


    2 Rounds not for time:
  • 20x Renegade row
  • 20 Crab hand / foot crisscross touch
  • 20x Tuck Jump

Work Capacity

8 rounds of 20 seconds on then 10 second rest

1st movement
    • Jumping squats
    • 1 minute rest
2nd movement
    • pull ups
    • 1 minute rest
3rd movement
  • Hand release Push up
  • 1 minute rest


  • 2x Sun Salutations
  • Forward Fold
  • Side Stretch
  • Arm Across Chest
  • Knee Circles
So, that was pretty awful. Also, Tabata can suck it. Oh, man. The hardest part of it was on my wrists. By the time I got to the push-ups, I could barely support myself.
I used a #20lb DB on the renegades, but stopped doing pushups at 10, and only did the renegade lifts. Pullups were inclined pulls with the TRX strap and hand release push ups started on the floor, but quicly got modified to inclided against a box.