Ready Player 1 - Level 1

I am constantly depressed by my inability to make positive change in my life and for allowing myself to sacrifice my health and fitness for other people's happiness and success.  I want to be a mentally and physically healthy example for my daughters and a better partner to my wife. To that end I have begun an epic quest.


Setting Goals
5/13/2015    218.6
My Main Quest is to lose 15lbs of Fat in the Next 6 Weeks   
    Work out no less than 3 days a week
    Get 8 Hours of sleep a night
    As close to Whole30 quality food as possible, given my travel

I have already started an Epic Quest List, which includes Fitness, Personal Level Ups, Professional, and Travel goals.

Customizing my Batcave   

My batcave is a hotel room.  I travel.  I started bringing my dumbbells and kettle bells with me and will make bringing them in the first thing I do and not the last.  My office at home is only used once or twice a week, however I will start to bring my dumbbells down when I am there and take 10 minutes a day, regardless of my other workout schedule, to do be active with them to build the habit.

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