Ready Player 1 - Respawn

Failure is only failure if you failed to Learn Something

So, things didn't work out as planned in May - August. Turbulence reigned and I failed to focus on my goals.  Yet again, I am depressed by my inability to make positive change in my life and for allowing myself to sacrifice my health and fitness for other people's happiness and success.  Even though I wasn't able to keep focused on my physical health, I learned a significant amount about what worked for me and what improvements I can make to my process to make me more successful.  The scrum model really struck a chord with me and my fitness (I'm an idiot for not applying it sooner, given my background), and doing daily video check ins during my commute was a great way to summarize my progress, verbalize my barriers and dysfunctions and take ownership of my success and failure.

But it did break down, and mostly because I wasn't actually fulfilling the entire scrum model.  I had no real definition of success, I didn't deliver anything and I didn't have a review of the delivery.  Finally, I didn't retrospect at the end of a sprint, because I didn't really define a sprint.

Transparency, Inspection and Adaption

So, here it is, a better scrum/agile structure for Transparency, Inspection and Adaption.

1 Week Sprints
4 Week Performance Releases
    Sprint Definition of Done: The Sprint is considered complete if
        Weigh In Data (Body Comp) is collected
        Work out Plans are fulfilled
        Work out Data is logged
        Fitbit data is Logged
        Sleep Data is Logged
    Sprint Goals: Refined Week-To-Week
    Capacity is defined by
        Work Outs: Number Per Week and/Or Intensity
        Food Quality: Number of Meals I will gurantee at high quality
        Sleep Quality: Number of nights I will gurantee 8+ hours
        Personal / Quality Time:
    Release Cycle Goals: Body Comp and Performance Goals
    Sprint Review: At the end of each sprint I will publish my results on line for review
    Sprint Retro: What can I improve in the next sprint to better fulfill the definition of done.  What went right, what went wrong and what needs to change?

Overall, I just want to be a mentally and physically healthy example for my daughters and a better partner to my wife.

You can't change what you don't measure


I'll save you from the shock, click if you dare:


11/29/2016    218.6

My Main Quest is to lose 15lbs of Fat in the Next 8 Weeks   
    Work out no less than 3 days a week
    Get 8 Hours of sleep a night
    As close to Whole30 quality food as possible, given my travel

Steps already taken to improve chances of success:

  • Bought new Batteries for my FitBit Aria Scale
  • Set Alarms for:
    • Monday Morning Weigh
    • Daily Check Ins
    • Friday Evening Videos - Retro/Review
  • started an Epic Quest List, which includes Fitness, Personal Level Ups, Professional, and Travel goals.

Customizing my Batcave

My batcave is a hotel room during the week and my basement office on Fridays and the weekends.  I travel quite a bit for work but I started bringing my dumbbells and kettle bells with me when I drive to a client and will make bringing them in to the hotel the first thing I do and not the last. I also recently purchased a TRX Knock Off that works really well, is portable and seems durable (I've only used it a few times, so I'll give more feedback as I use it more).  My office at home is only used once or twice a week, however I will start to bring my dumbbells down when I am there and take 10 minutes a day, regardless of my other workout schedule, to be active with them to build the habit.

I really need to clean my garage and straighten up my office (as you can see in the video) , though, and my personal improvement time will be spent doing that this week. Once clean and straightened, I will bring my dumbbells down to my office and set up my squat rack outside.